How To Prepare For Your Sinus Surgery

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How To Prepare For Your Sinus Surgery

8 October 2019
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Sinus procedures will improve drainage as well as relieve various sinus symptoms. Sinuses are cavities in your skull found near your nose and eyes and in the front of your face. These cavities make your skull lighter and produce mucus, which moistens your nasal cavities. However, you may block your sinuses' pathways. This problem may require sinus surgery, such as endoscopic sinus surgery, to restore the normal function of your cavities.

Defining sinus surgery

Sinus surgery aims at opening the pathways of your sinuses and clearing blockages. It is an excellent option if you have recurrent or ongoing infections, unusual sinus structure or unusual growth in your sinuses.

How to prepare for your surgery

Consult with your doctor about the procedure.

One of the fears that you might have before the sinus surgery is the lack of comprehension about the process. Ask your doctor about every detail that will occur when you are at the hospital for the operation. This inquiry will quell all your fears and calm your anxiety since you know what you should expect.

Spare time

The time it will take to complete the surgery depends on the type of surgery you will be undergoing. Most modern surgery involves the use of an endoscope through a procedure known as FESS (Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery). This endoscopic sinus surgery is non-invasive and only requires a little time away from work. Nonetheless, other severe sinus surgeries like a Caldwell-Luc operation may require more time off work for a full recovery.

Avoid smoking

Smoking leads to more scar tissue as well as poor healing. This problem may culminate in the failure of your sinus surgery. Usually, your doctor will ask you to stop smoking 3 to 4 weeks before the surgery, and a month after the surgery.

Avoid eating after midnight

In case your surgery occurs when you are under a local anaesthetic, then you should not consume anything before midnight on the day prior to your surgery. However, in case your operation will occur when you are under a general anaesthetic, then you have to avoid drinking or eating anything after midnight. This fasting will ensure the surgery experience will be safe and effective.

Wrap up

The above tips will assist in making your surgery safe and efficient. However, you should seek approval from the general practitioner before your operation. You may need a sinus operation in treating a plethora of problems. The common issues include nasal polyps and sinusitis.