Benefits of Living in a Retirement Village

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Benefits of Living in a Retirement Village

30 October 2018
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There are various challenges that one faces after retirement. Having been active for most of your life, you are no longer busy, as you are out of employment. Besides, most of your children are adults, so you do not have people to keep you company at home. Finally, if you have developed long-term illnesses such as diabetes or arthritis, then it is likely to get worse as you age. Retirement villages are unique complexes designed to accommodate senior adults. Below are the advantages of living in a retirement village.


One of the immediate benefits of living in a retirement community is that you will no longer feel lonely. There are other retirees with similar interests as yours. In the villages, you will find clubs and special interest groups that you can actively participate in. Besides, if you love sports, there are a variety of age-friendly sports to participate in such as tennis, swimming, and chess.

Healthcare support

Retirement communities have a team of healthcare professionals specialising in aged care. Age-related illnesses such as arthritis, respiratory diseases, and dementia often require specialised care. At the retirement village, you do not have to plan for doctor visits, as the doctor is a few minutes away. If the condition worsens, you will receive nursing support from experienced nurses working in the village.


Seniors are at times faced with housing challenges. Most seniors either live alone or with their spouses. As such, they may find it difficult to manage a big house. In the retirement village, accommodation is designed to offer both privacy and comfort. Although you will have your own house or apartment, you do not have to undertake house maintenance chores such as mowing grass and cleaning the house. You can even have someone cook for you if you want. 

Special facilities

As a person ages, mobility becomes a challenge. Therefore, older people often need to renovate their house with ramps, rails, low lying shelves, and special bathrooms to ease movement around the house. At the retirement village, you do not have to worry about these since the buildings have special facilities to ensure seniors can move with ease. Seniors living in retirement villages also do not have to worry about going to the bank or going out to shop, as most villages are built close to such amenities. 

There are various benefits that retirement communities offer seniors. Seniors enjoy the sense of community, they receive health care support, and they do not need to undertake house maintenance chores. Besides, most retirement villages are close to shopping malls, banks, and restaurants.