Two Tips To Ensure Your Marriage Survives When Your Family Moves To A New Country

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Two Tips To Ensure Your Marriage Survives When Your Family Moves To A New Country

27 June 2017
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Moving house is an emotionally draining task, but moving to a new country adds a whole new level of stress to deal with. Making decisions about shipping personal effects, where to live and what school your children are going to attend is enough to put any marriage under pressure. As someone who is making a move shortly to live in Australia, it is important you are aware of these pressures, so your marriage doesn't fall apart when it all seems too much. Here are two tips to make sure you survive the move to the land down under:


Bad communication is one of eight reasons why a relationship will fail, and when you are moving country, there are plenty of things to communicate about. Housing, work and school options are all choices that need to be made, but just because you have made the majority of decisions yourself in the past, does not mean you should do so in this instance without seeking input from your spouse.

Additionally, it is easy to worry about how you will make ends meet once you arrive if you or your partner do not have jobs to walk into. Other moving worries include helping your children emotionally adjust to the change in location and making friends for yourself and your spouse once you're settled in your own home. Take time every day to share your worries and fears with your spouse rather than letting it build up inside you. Communicating is vital to get through this transition.


Moving to a new country means it will take some time to settle back into a routine with the family. You may not be able to move into your permanent accommodation straight away, your shipped belongings will take some time to arrive, and you may not be entering employment immediately. For people who are used to a fairly rigid routine in their life, it can be hard to let go of that and embrace the constant changes. This is a time in your life when you need to be flexible and go with the flow until your living and working arrangements settle to the point of being able to get back into a routine.

If you find your marriage is under consistent strain after you have moved to Australia, seek the help of a licensed marriage counselling service to help you clear the air before the negative feelings grow past the point of no return. Starting a new life down under is a time of great excitement and adventure, so don't let the upheaval bring too much negativity into your family world.