I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis fifteen years ago, and I have had several flare-ups flanked by periods of remission during that time. I'm pleased to say a number of new drug treatments have become available since I was diagnosed, but I've always been keen to explore alternative treatments, such as hydrotherapy, acupuncture, homeopathy and massage, as a way of complementing my medical treatment. I started this blog to document the alternative treatments I've tried and share information about current research into drug-free treatments for managing the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. If you've tried an alternative treatment that's eased your symptoms, I'd love to share your experiences on the blog.

Reasons to Use Hydrotherapy to Treat Your Condition

13 September 2021
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When you're suffering due to chronic pain, an injury or post-surgical recovery, every movement can leave you feeling stressed. However, you may still feel as though you want to engage in physio sessions so you can promote your recovery. If you've yet to try hydrotherapy, here are some reasons to use it. Warm Water Relaxes Muscles Hydrotherapy usually involves engaging in gentle exercises inside a warm pool. The pool is typically warmer than a standard swimming pool and so it relaxes your muscles. Read More …

The Many Advantages of Laser Prostate Surgery

15 April 2021
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Prostate surgery is not something that anyone is particularly thrilled about, but modern medicine has made it much better to go through than it ever was before. Thanks to laser prostate surgery, patients can feel more comfortable and have more recovery options. While lasers have been used in other surgical procedures for some time, they are particularly well suited to prostate surgery. Here are a few of the many advantages that you will get from laser prostate surgery that was not available with traditional methods. Read More …

2 Ways An Obstetrician Can Help Prevent Premature Labour

25 November 2020
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If you've previously experienced premature labour or have been told you're at risk of delivering prematurely, you'll be aware of the potential risks and you'll no doubt be worried about the health of your baby. Prenatal care is often handled by community midwives, but when there's a risk of premature labour, it can be beneficial to have your prenatal care carried out in a hospital setting by an obstetrician. Your obstetrician will keep a closer eye on you and your baby during the course of your pregnancy than is possible in a community care setting with a midwife. Read More …

Common Conditions for Knee Injury Treatment

25 June 2020
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If you're suffering from knee pain that lasts for over a week, you need to see a doctor. You should be particularly concerned if you have reduced range of motion or if bending your knee is difficult. Apart from dislocation, fractures, and minor sprains, some conditions require immediate knee injury treatment. 1. Ligament Sprains Your knee joint is held in place by ligaments. When there's an excessive force or sudden twists on your knee joint, your ligaments may be overstretched. Read More …

Two Tips to Follow if You Need to Take a Parent With Dementia to Their Medical Appointments

24 February 2020
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If your parent has dementia, which has advanced to the point where they now need you to accompany them on various outings, including their medical appointments, you might find it helpful to follow these tips. Stay by their side at all times whilst at the medical centre When you take your mother or father to the medical centre for an appointment, it is important not to leave their side for any length of time. Read More …